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ASC - Al Sharif Contracting

Contracting Units

The contracting sector is the first pillar in the group and specializes in the infrastructure of electricity, water, gas and communications. The department has also developed over the past years to adopt renewable energy technologies



Water & Gas

Mechanical Electric Plumbing (MEP)

Civil Work

Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency


Overhead Transmission Lines (Upto 380Kv)

ASC is fully equipped and capable of handling large-sized projects of HV & EHV transmission lines. Our primary focus is on EPC of high voltage and extra high voltage overhead transmission lines, MV/LV distribution & maintenance of existing OHTL networks.

We do

  • Rout and project survey.
  • Engineering and designs.
  • Procurement of materials and equipment.
  • Construction works civil.
  • Installation of tower.
  • Stringing of conductors, and fiber optic wires for overhead lines.
  • Testing and commissioning.
  • Maintenance of transmission networks.

High Voltage Substations (Upto 380Kv)

ASC is a qualified EPC contractor for High-Voltage Substations of up to 380 KV. We have all the equipment required for installation of HV, MV Switchgear, Power Transformers, and all other substations equipment.

We do

  • EPC Services:
    • Topographic survey
    • Engineering and Design
    • Procurement of equipment
    • Civil Construction
    • Installation of equipment
    • Testing and Commissioning
  • Testing Services:
    • High & Extra-high voltage GIS & AIS substations testing
    • Medium voltage switchgear testing.
    • Instrument transformers testing.
    • Control & protection panels testing.
    • Circuit breaker testing.
    • Power transformers & shunt reactor testing
    • Energy meters recording equipment testing

Medium and Low Voltage Distribution Networks

ASC provides Energy Distribution services and provide the below services in the geographical distance between production sites and consumer centers, the irregularity of consumption, and the impossibility of storing electrical energy create the need for an electrical network that is capable of directing and transmitting it across large distances.

We do

  • Survey of distribution network.
  • Preparation of electrical drawings.
  • Procurement of material.
  • Construction of overhead lines
  • Laying underground electrical cables.
  • Installation of distribution substations up to 25 KVA
  • Installation of consumer services and energy meters.
  • Maintenance of distribution networks.

Underground Cable Networks

ASC is armed with the necessary equipment, experience, and technical know-how, that can undertake all activities related to underground cabling projects ranging from 1kV to 380kV.

We do

  • Survey of route.
  • Procurement of drawings.
  • Cable design calculations.
  • Procurement of material.
  • Installation of cable joints.
  • Cable laying & termination.
  • Testing and commissioning.
  • Maintenance of power cables.

Water & Gas Contracting

ASC provides a full scope of Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Operations, and Maintenance for all types of water & gas projects. The Water & Gas sector can work as a developer for BOT projects, BOOT projects, etc.

We do

  • Water, oil, and gas transmission lines.
  • Pumping & lift stations.
  • Seawater desalination plants.
  • Water & Sewage Networking
  • Operation & Maintenance Projects
  • Electrical & Mechanical Replacement

Mechanical Electric Plumbing (MEP)

ASC specialized in providing highly skilled and experienced professionals and manpower to deliver successful projects in a variety of engineering and construction fields serving the following market sectors:
  • Residential and Commercial Towers and Structures
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Power Industry
  • Defense

We do

  • Bidding
  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Project Management
  • O&M
  • Test, Commissioning & Start-up
  • Construction
  • Procurement


We do

  • Construction of high-rise buildings.
  • Hospitals.
  • Schools.
  • Residential compounds.
  • Industrial, commercial and residential projects.


Pursues opportunities for project developments in renewable energy

We do

  • Solar PV system
  • Solar Furniture (outdoor benches etc)
  • Energy Battery
  • EV Chargers
  • Hybrid Renewable Energy
  • Energy Efficiency